Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Small disappointing thing(s) I wanted to point out in the episode(3.07), something after I watched it again.

Why is Neal so sloppy? Especially with Sara in his house? Why isn't Mozzie bothering to lower his voice when Sara's in the next room, if he's so insistent on running?
And kdcldkndfnvdfjvoec why is Sara opening his laptop and checking it out? Isn't that rude to do when you're actually in someone else's house?

*scratchscratch* See, I'm trying to like her. =P Maybe someone can point out something so I start liking WC without forcing myself to, solely because of the frequent presence of just one person.
Neal's a nice guy when it comes to people, and it was sort of sweet that he feels the way he felt with Kate when he's with her and all, but that's him - he does stuff like that, not thinking about the consequences and all. I feel like Sara's character is getting all over the place. She seemed dominant over herself and a workaholic in the very beginning but where is she now? 

*spreadshandsopen* I'm willing to hear any opinions. I really want to like her.


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