Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I likey! White Collar.

But maybe one thing I’m not liking is the way I’m forcing myself to like Sara Ellis. And *sneer* to all the people out there, I’m a Peter Burke fan, like a crazy one, so there’s something wrong here, and it’s not the crazy assumption of ‘u izz jealous of her!’ and stuff like that – I’d be hating on Elizabeth if I was jealous of anyone in this cast, but I’m not even able to act like I am, since she’s so wonderful. Neal can have whoever he wants. Maybe Sara reminds me of someone perky in my class. Personal issues. Feel free to judge me. :D

PETER KNOWS WHAT HE’S UP TO, I know it. I KNOW IT. He’s too friggin smart not to, and the way he talks and looks at him I KNOW EEEEEET.

So Sara found out. Hmm.

(Thanks for the gif!)
Is it okay if I say the cliff hangers are resolved too quickly in White Collar, even though they’ve said something about not immediately coming to a conclusion? I feel like the two season 1 breaks were played out perfectly, and Hard Sell and Withdrawal are among my fav TV episodes ever (EVER).
But after Point Blank, we never got to see 1) Peter confronting Neal about how he forged a case file. I felt it made Peter look dumb for a while there. So I had problems with that episode. 2) After such a long hiatus, Mozzie recovered pretty fast. :D Not that I’m complaining, but after the cliff hanger was him falling on the park bench, wasn’t it too fast?

Now the passport. Felt he resolved it too quickly by the lie. Oh well. 

*sigh* But how much ever I try, I can't stop smiling when Peter and Mozzie are in a scene together. EEEE!!! :D 

Peter lets out a breath. I grin. He put his arms in front of him and leans on the table. Mozzie's across from him.

"Tell me who he is, and I will hear him out."

Mozzie: How should I know who he is?

Peter: *facepalm*

I have a fic rec. These are cute and very innovative! I'm impressed! 
Board games - vesperwhisper. :D :D :D Come on - if the FBI and the conmen all play games together... !!! Worth checking out!


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