Tuesday, July 5, 2011

um.. neva been good with titles.?


Usually people just barge into concrete walls with some explosives or driving through with an armored vehicle, however, it attracts a lot of unwanted attention. A subtle way to do the same is by using a water jet cutter. You could cut through a wall while a guy is sleeping on the other side of it. :D

Shock n awe!

According to Hitch(the movie; character), this method is used to draw the attention of the one you like towards you by standing out from the rest. But its the other way round here. In case you want to stop your enemies from functioning against you,  the simplest way is to handicap their senses. A couple of flash grenades come in handy here.
The sound it creates, disables them from moving voluntarily(ears are responsible for the balance of the body, when hindered, leaves the person unstable). The bright temporary flash blinds 'em, so they cant shoot, if they do, they might hurt their own people.


If you are not willing to kill people, focused on the jackpot, then to deal with the people who escape the above play can be dealt with bean bag shots.
(Left-Before projectile;Right-After projectile)
When shot at a close range(10 feet), it can break the ribs and cause concussion elsewhere along with agony. Hence it impairs their thought process, giving you enough time to bind them with plastic loops(cheapest, most effective; if you aren't a spendthrift).


Opening steel crates can be a drag, using an explosive can damage the content, so here's something that might help.
Jaws of life - Hydraulic rescue tool

These tools are used by fire fighters to open jammed doors, crashed cars. And it is very powerful, hydraulic physics :| Anyway, steal it from a fire fighters training institute, use it. ;) [hsshh.. Don't tell anyone that I gave you this idea :| ]


As much as the cowboy fights, loud gunshots and machine-gun maniacs seem fun, it isn't a smart way to deal with the enemy. One of the safest, smartest, most accurate and lethal way of doing that is by sniping. A sniper rifle is a long, heavy gun with an awesome range.
A scope used to aim
A real view of a target through the scope, notice the distance.

Used for assassinations and also as your back up, just in case someone tails you. 
The longest kill recorded is nearly 2.5 kilometers. o.O Imagine that!

Hollow point

hollow point is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, generally intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more  as it travels through the target. It is also used for controlled penetration, where over-penetration could cause collateral damage (such as on an aircraft). In essence, the hollow point bullet has two interrelated purposes: to increase its size once within the target, thus maximizing tissue damage and blood loss or shock, and by remaining in the target to expend all of its kinetic energy in the target, some of which will be lost if the bullet continues through the target.

Am sure most people don't know what "hollow point" is when it comes on tv. :/


I don't know if you observed a finger missing, if you didn't, look at the picture again. Centuries ago, some assassination brotherhoods used this hidden weapon. In order to utilize it, they had to sacrifice their ring finger. Later the system was improvised, facilitating them to use the blade without chucking out the finger.
In the hands of an assassin, the blade is the most deadly weapon. With the knowledge of human anatomy, an accurate stab into the coronary artery in the neck or next to the heart or the liver or the kidney or the femoral artery, the options are wide, each of which are lethal.
Yes, a bullet to the head from a silenced gun gives the same result. But if you are looking for vengeance, a crime of passion, use a blade. Perk- Untraceable(though untraceable guns are available, a blade is very much affordable) 


When you find yourself in an un-armed close combat and your opponent is big n strong, you can still win.
First, the weak point. Cripple them by kicking the knee.
Second, know what you are doing. The coronary artery carries blood to the brain n it is located on the side of the neck, wrap your hand around the opponent's neck n crush the SIDE! If you crush the throat, they'd suffocate n die, and you don't want that. =_=" If you hold that position irrespective of your currently ripening opponent(their face will turn red, usually) for 10 seconds, the person will black out. B) And in that lock, the opponent cannot really do much to free themselves.
So if you end up being locked in such a manner, there's not much you can do. Although, if you are sharp, the moment you realize that your opponent is going to do that to you, pull their arm away from you the moment it starts to wrap around ya. You got a chance.


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