Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That phone call in As You Were.

As you were.
What does this title even mean????
This ep was awesome. :) <3

Peter calls Neal right after he - well. Breaks into Peter's house and cracks a safe open, to get a view of the manifesto they needed to see in order to sell things to - what?

Run away. One last score. After EVERYTHING. Every thing micro-examined and gushed about and SCREAMED  Peter and him have been through.

But in his shoes? Maybe, just maybe, I would have run myself with that much of art just lying there.

So he looks at this.

:'( I cry so easily these days. Especially since the background music in this scene seemed to be a fusion of all the main scenes in the series. IDK, IJS.

He shakes it away and takes a picture when his phone rings. It's Peter. So Peter calls. I expected El to come back in. And Mozzie to go paranoooid.

But *shushes self* it never wlda been the same. This was freaking - heartfelt. Peter's breaking and tired and hesitant voice, and Neal's reactions - me izz long gone to heart therapy.

I think you deserve some happiness... 

I'm here for you... 

It was like Vital Signs, the Peter version. 

<3 ^ the biggest numberEVER.

Hehe. You know, I would have loved for the episode to end as Neal calling Peter and saying something. Like, as close to a confession as he can get, being completely indirect and not lying at the same time.
But it's not my show(I really wish it was(I wish the characters were MINE! *evil laughter*)), and the show must have cliffhangers like dees, so I'm cool. I liked this one. *yay*


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