Friday, July 22, 2011

Suits - Bail Out. Me - flappy hands.

I’m very happy about Suits. I’m happy about all its characters, Louis, Donna, Trevor, everyone. It brings up so many plot possibilities in my head – oh, this could happen, or maybe it could be like this – which I’m very happy about. :) I’m not complaining about the legal mistakes, either, like I said before.

I liked the driver!!! He seems so smart and nice and cool!!! I don't care about how I sound right now!!!

And the doll history was very true . My parents used to tell me the same thing – how dolls are no longer as valuable and showcase-able as they used to be.


Harvey. CARES. So, so much. He cares about so many people. :D And he's so capable! It's almost inspiring. :)
Mike is cute. He's learning, and fast, but this Trevor guy really is an anchor. The idiot framed him, and Mike fell for it, and the worst part? He still hasn't found out.

*flappy hands* Is it Friday yet? Well??


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