Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mumbai attacked. Again.

Even though you think you’re safe in your house, the weird, insecure, sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you find out a major city in your country is being bombed right 'now' is dklanscklncjsd;kncklnas.

On November 11th, 2008, more than 10 bombing and shooting attacks were coordinated across Mumbai by Islamic terrorists. The locations include The Taj Mahal Palace, a five-star luxury hotel next to the Gateway of India; the Oberoi Trident, another pair of luxury hotels, and the Cama hospital, a major hospital for women and children. 

That day, my senior, who was in twelfth grade, and I, in tenth, were listening to the news over the radio in the hostel. They were attacking live,bombing and shooting. In Mumbai. We were in Chennai.


I called my parents because I was feeling torn up. My Dad seemed a little broken himself, and it was believable with the type of emotional guy he is, and the way the death toll was rising with nothing to stop them.

When I asked him if that was why he was feeling bad, he told me that they were in Mumbai. And the phone, as if on queue, got cut.

They were safe. But the amount of shock I went through cannot be expressed. The distance, the pressing uncertainty that you think they're just lying so you won't feel sad, and a million of other feelings put together - it'll make you nauseous. 

Today I saw in the news that three bomb blasts occurred in Mumbai again, and the Union Home Ministry says it's another terrorist attack. Makes one sick. 

Death toll is rising. I wonder when the world will become a safe place to live in. *shakes head*


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