Sunday, July 24, 2011

Castle. Comic Con.

Comic Con. Was. AMAZING.
NEVER thought I’d enjoy it THIS much! I was rolling on the bed LAUGHING!! No, SERIOUSLY!
Nathan, is, the funniest guy ever. EVER.
Stana wasn’t there, but it was still ROCKING! And I never knew Molly was so awesome! She turned up dressed like Nathan in Firefly! OMG! *stillflailing* *refusingtocomebacktoearth*

First of all – thank you, hosnbros, or I never would have seen this self-lifting event from the other side of the world.
A few points I tweeted earlier. Actually, most of them were exclamatory marks, but I can hopefully decipher them. 

There was also a sneak peek for the beginning of Season 4. Shows Kate being driven to the hospital, and Lanie trying to save her. Castle runs with the stretcher behind them, since it was mechanical and all. On the whole, it made me stagger a bit.

I was screaming at my screen for more. I needed more, right then!

Tamala said that the season premier was going to be *dropsded* more epic than the last season's finale. Yeah, you heard me. Uh huh. 

"The whole outcome is really going to be more epic than the season finale,"

*izzded* *writestherestasazombie*

And *surprised* I didn't know Jon Huertas really did serve years in the US Air force! Wow. That's just wow.

Seamus says they weren't acting when they were saying goodbye to the Captain, they were really going to miss Ruben. "Ruben was fantastic, and we miss him terribly. When we found out, it was very shocking."

Molly stood up to show off her dress. Nathan says he had a gun just like that one, and it went missing. :D

When the 'Triple Killer' is mentioned, Molly says, "Oh, that guy you guys let get away?" Seamus: I think we're going to see a crime committed, and Kevin Ryan's gun being used."

Seamus is married to the woman who plays Jenny! Isn't that cute and just AMAZING?

I. Want. Graphic. Novel. CANNOT. Wait. Until. 

Alexis might not be happy about Castle and Beckett together. So won't the replacement of the Captain, it seems. Sigh.

:D There might be fights bween Castle and Esposito as to who's to be the best man at Kevin's wedding. *leansback* I just want Beckett to catch the bouquet. Or since these guys just don't get it, maybe Castle and Beckett cld catch it together.

In Ep3.04, the neck brace Espo used actually hurt. :D

Q from the mod. What breakfast item does Castle cook one morning. They actually cldn't remember! SMORELETTES!!!!! 

Alexis: I'm the adult on this set.

The man who plays Castle's rival, Victor Webster, is (seemingly) a full head taller than Nathan, which I don't know. :| But there was a fun acting out on how Jon blocks Castle and Victor from fake fighting or something[?] I do remember the "Whatwhatwhatwhatwhat" :D Hee!

Then there was so much laughing. I don't remember what happened, but I'll find out and write it in. 
Space I laughed too much to hear

Season 4 might bring up Castle's DAD! We're going to have a fuun season, I guess! YAY!
The cast is asked who they'd want as Castle's Dad. I remember clearly that Nathan immediately said "Chris Walken" at the last Comic Con, but this year, Tamala said that. Molly said it would be a nice twist it was Susan who did it. :D :D :D :D :D

Nathan? He said it would William Katt. :D Look him up if you don't know who that is.

Nathan asks if he was like his character, and the rest of the cast looks around doubtfully. Molly peeks in and asks, "Oh, he's asking if he's funny in real life?" She mock-laughs. "Haha, that's so funny." *hugsher* You're amazing!

Nathan says that they don't really do everything right off the script. "We make something great, and then we present it." 

Molly: We're wired at all times.

In 3.07, there's a chinese line. 

Nathan said the last line himself! *squee* He also mentions that he thought of whistling XMen in that ep. :D

Nathan says that when he takes off his hat, people wld look at him and say, "That hair - it's Nathan Fillion." He showed how he could shake it like it was a wig. "It's a blessing. And a curse."

Awww... they talk about a poss. replacement for Stana.... Nathan: Guys. Too soon. (pauses) But very funny.
It actually was. :D

Nathan: Typically, if you're on a TV show with me, the thing you have to look forward to is cancellation." Noooo, that's not true! :D

Nathan: Everyone has a bit of Indiana Jones in them... Molly, yours is more on the outside.

Someone asks Seamus a question, something like, how he wants his character backstory to be? Well, :D, he starts answering it in a looong way, and Nathan starts sinking back in his seat, and sinking, and sinking, until he disappears, and everyone's laughing, and then he pops up far to the right next to Molly! ROFL!!!! THEY HUG!!!!! CUTEST THING ON EARTH, WITH THE LOOK ON NATHAN'S FACE!!!! AWWWW!!!!

A kutti kid stands up and asks if they've played pranks on set. This Q is always asked.

Seamus says about a prank with zipties, and he figured out it was Jon. :D
Nathan: Never touch a man's car. Never. Touch. A man's. Car.       Or Spaceship.

T'was so much FUN!!! 

Can't wait for Castle to start airing already! Sheesh!


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