Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Veiled Threat and what it did to my head - White Collar.

As if I already didn’t love Peter Burke. This episode made me DIZZY. *sways* SO much of guh-ness.

And for the record, Sara Ellis has officially grown on me. Yeah. Guess I just can’t hate a person my whole life. She’s good for Neal, and she makes him happy; maybe she’ll even become a reason for him to stay, so I guess I don’t really mind her anymore.
This definitely was a nice episode, thanks to Jim Campolongo, the writer. Very entertaining. Very awesome.
I mean, Peter TANGOED. 

I can’t even. *heartfluttersdamnit*
I was horribly spoiled for this one, so when I started, I assured myself that I’m not going to like it that much.
But I was thankfully wrong! To me, this filled the void I felt when Sara was around – some weird, weird feeling I felt during almost every single episode after 2.05. Something I couldn’t place my finger on. I remember the day I saw that promo featuring Neal and Sara in the archives of Ellis island. I even remember being pissed off a lot, because I kept thinking, come on, even you? in the middle of classes. (yeah. Chemistry classes.)

Well, for one thing, I could compare myself to Madchen Amick’s character in the one aspect that she liked honesty and the truth more than the fake charms some people brought just to impress people. I’m not a very honest person myself in some issues, but I do look for that in a person. So if I was her, I definitely would have done the same thing. And that’s what Peter always was, right? Lovable for his awkwardness and special ability to impress.
El was amazing to assure him that his chances for winning weren’t slim. She was amazing to say that she would marry him as many times as he asked. They’re perfect together. And every time that lady turned her back, I could see her eyes drill holes into her.

He was amazing in that scene with Selena, where the bachelors had to go to every table. As embarrassing as it is for me to admit it, I was horribly moved that there was actually a character who could say that he liked being caught off guard at a place like that. 

"Most of these women are only interested in small talk, so..."
She: Well, what are you interested in?"
He: *surprised for a while* Being caught off guard. Having a conversation that goes beyond the 'what you do' and 'where are you from'.
Something in her eyes go all <3. Doesn't even seem like an act. To me - not cliche. Because that was what Peter would want. Something smart and not just usual, simple flirt-talk.

And he didn’t even want her to pick him. He assumed she would pick Neal or Jones.

<3ed the whole surveillance Neal-Diana 'decent meal' thing. 

With the electric candle! Hee!

People on twitter said this was a very Peter/Elizabeth/Neal episode? I couldn’t see anything of that sort. I’m not a fan of the ‘OT3’ thing many, many people seem to love.
Mozzie! It was so ‘Mozzie’ to barge in without even noticing those two, and then to be the wedding-whatever(not familiar to Christian weddings) for Peter and Elizabeth. And the money! Aw... *remembers that awesome day Tim tweeted*

I want to see Peter's marriage. The first one. :) Including the bachelor party. Man, the women were crazy! :D 

Snapshots of the second marriage:

Me: *intears*

Whatever was missing in my head in the WC dept was filled up by this episode. :) It was nice to not bring up the whole, 'ooh-he's-the-look' thing between the two(although I don't mind that a bit, this is so nice of a change), and have an episode without the back story to distract us. 
<3. Definitely.


Guh. It's that time I hate. ONE WHOLE WEEK for the next episode.
I hate Wednesdays. 


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