Saturday, July 2, 2011

Suits. Episode 2.

I'm loving this show more and more by the episode. It's amazingly original, and the dialogue is awesome. Nothing is cheesy or cliche.
Yeah, sure. I KNOW it's not accurate, however a rookie I am in the law department. But it's entertainment, and the show wouldn't stand a chance if each and every detail of a trial or a typical day for a lawyer was put in. Like in White Collar. So I'm not really going to be pointing out mistakes, even if I see one.

The two of them, with a client named Wyatt, walk to a room with lots of people, and Harvey turns around before Mike enters, blocking him.

"Whoa, wait - where do you think you're going?

Mike: Into the room, with the big people.

Harvey: Wrong, that's the adult table, and you haven't earned the privilege yet. 

Mike: But[!], I played air hockey, with them-
Harvey: You need to go back to the office and file a patent for the phone.

Mike: *eyes the room and laughs* A patent? But I don't know how to file a patent.
Harvey: *shrugs* Figure it out.
Mike: Can't we do that, after -
Harvey: No. And if you keep talking, I'm going to start billing you, and my time runs at a hundred dollars an hour.

"Yes, but isn't this 'our time', Mr. Hand?"
Harvey smiles at him for a while. 

"I stand corrected." he says. And I think he's going to let him in, since I have no idea what Mike had said.

"Your Fast Times at Ridgemont High quote, that - proves, you belong at the adult table." 
He turns around.

Mike: That's a great -

"- movie, and it spoke to a generation!"

And the elevator scene was somehow PRICELESS. Mike kinda gets high.


ding, ding. 


  1. I watched the premiere of Suits and wasn't won over, but I may give it another try. I think the two lead actors are strong, but I'm not crazy about the cut-throat world they live in--or the cut throat rules they play in. Still, they may grow on me!

  2. @J. Rosemary Moss
    I was attracted to the whole 'Law world' ever since I started writing a story where the main character was a lawyer. These two, even though their world is completely not believable, are cute. :) And that's what made me love the show.
    It's worth another try. :)