Saturday, January 8, 2011

Castle. White Collar. Hoof.

Richard Castle

Peter Burke

Neal Caffrey

I don't know what's got into me. Seriously.

Believe it or not, I started watching WC because of Castle. It was purely by accident. It was the day after the season finale of Castle, another sitcom that I love equally, and this show took its slot.

I was practically waving my hands around, irritated, because Castle was the very first TV show I'd watched like an addiction (the others, my mom would watch stuff like Full House, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I just sit with her and watch it just to pass the time), so I didn't understand that the show was not in fact cancelled, but just put on hold.

I laugh when I think about that day, even though it was just five or six months ago.

Yep. That was when they started broadcasting WC here in India. That's why even though Castle is ABC and White Collar is USA, they're shown in the same channel.

I love all three of these guys.

Oh! I like this guy a lot too!


He's so sweet! I love his character, in real life and on screen!

I adore all four of these guys.

I hate to sound like an idiot, but I guess I'm crazy about these two shows not only for their extremely cute characters, but because they're not ... mushy. You can't find that everyday.

And I guess I have a thing for catching bad guys. ;)

Castle is about a famous writer,

 who partners up with a detective,

 ...Kate Beckett.

Castle lends his expertise to the NYPD on a case where the killer killed the victims the same way Castle kills them in his books.

 During the case, Castle finds his inspiration for his next book.

HEAT WAVE. that means Castle's going to have to stick around with Beckett. "Research". Yep.

These two start liking each other.

 Um. Slowly.

But they never admit it.

And that leads to


and a lot of...


But we do get our moments.

 It's also about family...

and friendship...

Tip? Watch the show. At least Seasons 1 and 2. It's worth it.


Favorite moments:

Oh, Castle's so cute.

"...and then we can take over the world!"

 "Mu - Ha HA HA HA!"

 "Not helping."

"But evil."


"Um, can I talk to you for a minute sir? In private?"



Leaning more to the friendship side?

White Collar's about the partnership of a smart con-artist

(a very, very charming, smart con-artist.)

and an intelligent FBI agent.

...who's absolutely gorgeous.

Peter Burke had spent three years of his life chasing Neal Caffrey, and three months before the end of Neal's four year sentence, he escaped.

For a girl.
( D'aww... )

but he missed her by two days. She disappeared.

Peter was called again, since he was the only one who ever caught him.

He finds him again.

In the girl's ( Kate Moreau ) appartment.

Peter tells him that he was going to get another four years in prison 'cause he escaped.

Neal gets an idea.

He gives Peter a tip about the case he was working on, after Peter agrees to meet him in prison in a week.

Neal Caffrey shows Peter that he could get him out of jail, if he let him be taken under his custody. He also shows that he could wear a tracking anklet, so that Peter could find out where he was whenever he wanted.

Peter seems to refuse at first, but I couldn't really blame him.

Neal hopes he'll think about it,

and Peter thinks about it.

...needless to say, he says okay.

These two get together and solve cases.

and even though Peter tells him to forget about Kate, he tries to put the clues together and find her.

...they really seem to like each other.
I've never seen two partners in the FBI look that good together.

and they come for each other when the other's in trouble.


well, Neal became very talkative.

"Of all the people in my life - Mozzie, even Kate, you know - you're the only one."

"The only one what?"


has perfect recall.
scarily, perfect recall.

would do anything to keep the people he loves safe.

absolutely anything.


and has the cutest nicknames for people.



"Lady Suit".

"Pant Suit".

Favorite moments:

...Peter doing bad cop


Peter: This can't be good.
Hughes: Why does everyone say that when I walk into their office?
Peter: So you have good news?
Hughes: (sighing) No.

Aww...... that case, mi casa, is, 'suit' casa.

Neal: Luckily the cars come up with a GPS tracking device. (grinning.)
Peter: Oh ho - ho! Just like you!

... just like me.


Elizabeth: So what are you doing here, Moz?
Mozzie: (excited) Date night.

Peter: Can you do do this??
Neal: No!
Peter: What do you mean no?!

"I mean it's a half-million dollar Lambourgini..."

" can't just tap two wires and fire up the engine, you need the key."

Neal hears Franklin make a call.

"Is Franklin talking to Rebecca?"

He gasps in delight.

"Is this a CI - off?"

"Hard to say, he's reading her the vin-number."


and in the end,

"My CI beat your CI."



"Elizabeth's still out of town, right? You want to grab a drink?"

"Can't. I owe Captain Shaddock a favor."

Peter feels bad.

'Cause he was actually going to look into the music box with Diana.

A person related to another case they were working on took a couple of photos of Diana and him together...

... and who should see them but Neal.

No. He wasn't really angry. This is just how he looked when he was thinking.

He shows them to Peter.

"Captain Shaddock sure cleans up nicely."

"...I've never lied to you."

"Come on, Neal, you lie for a living -"

"Not to you. I may have let you draw certain conclusions that weren't correct,"

"but never, an actual lie."


"You're lying to me."
"I'm not. I swear I'm not."

"There is no way Peter had a moustache."

"For a month! It was amazing!"

"I would have broken out of prison to see that."

Peter was worrying about Neal, and Elizabeth was telling him something about some event.

" I told him,if we have that many people in the gallery, he has to do something about the AC."

"Of course he didn't and by 10 o' clock it was like a sauna in there."

" I told him, I would spend the night with him for a million dollars,"

"...I'd have to run it by my husband, first."

"But honey, it's a million dollars."

"What do you think?"

"I think - I think that's great."

"I don't think that's great. What - what did you ask me?"


"...he won't stay away as long as I have the music box."

"As long as he thinks you have it."

"Okay. I don't have it."

"Oh, look at that. Telling the truth."

"Did it hurt?"

"A little bit."


This scene was too sweet to be felt in the pictures below. It's from 'Copycat Caffrey'.

Peter told Neal to check his street contacts. :D

^ *Peter peeking at Neal* ^
Peter was good. You have to look closely.

^ *Neal finding out* ^



Mozzie entering the bureau. :D


"Woo-hoo! Come on. You're alright."


"How do you know he'll show up?"

"We fill it with beautiful women."

"I was addressing my case agent."

Neal introducing Peter as Mr.Satchmo. I really laughed out loud. =D


The scenes that I'll never forget...

Yeah, sure, I'll never ever be able to do justice to those scenes.

But I can't help myself. I can't.

If you want to watch the show entirely on your own, skip this.

But I skipped out a few details.

No. No, I skipped out a lot of details, which will make you want to hit me on the head, shouting

"What happens next?!"

I do that a lot to the person besides me.

Alright, I'm sorry. Where was I?


The scenes that I'll never forget.

1. The last scenes in 'Out of the box'.

Neal gets the music box that he needs to get Kate.
He hands it over to Fowler, the man who was tailing him for it, and the person who supposedly had her.
"Kate and I made a deal. You both get new identities. We get the box... disappear. Legally."

Note: I was stumped at this scene. "You disappear." ??? What????
"Kate's waiting for you. Time and place are in that folder."
"Have a nice life, Caffrey."

He says bye to Mozzie.

And Elizabeth.

Peter, in the meantime, finds out about this whole disappearing act.
Peter goes to the place.

"This is what's right for everyone, Peter. You go back to your life... I get to have one of my own."
"You already have one. Right here. You have people who care about you."
"You make a difference. You do."

"You said goodbye to everyone but me.."
"I don't know..."
"Yeah you do, tell me."
"I don't know, Peter."
"You know why!"
"Tell me!"
"... 'cause you're the only one who can change my mind."

"Did I?"