Saturday, July 16, 2011


Whatever happened to being a little subtle? Well, I've never disagreed more to an article. And I feel horrendously, horribly awful that this was the SECOND search option when I googled 'Suits usa'. :(

We're supposed to believe Harvey would endanger his career because he thinks he can use Mike's abilities to advance his clients' interests and because he sees something of himself in Mike. (What you may see is the vague outlines of White Collar, a far superior USA series.)

But the idea never takes hold because there's nothing in Macht's Harvey that convinces you he would risk so much just to serve as a mentor, or anything in Adams' Mike to make you think he's worth the risk.

As far as I saw(and as dumb as I may be) Harvey was tired of the Harvard geeky guys, and wanted a change, which I find perfectly believable to lie for, considering he's a lawyer and considering his character. And though I hate (hate) to admit it, White Collar does have a ton of flaws here and there, which of course I forget about because of Tim and Matt and Willie and all the other cast, and because YOU CAN'T BE ACCURATE IN THESE TYPE OF SHOWS. What, do ppl want to see the long dragging trials, and a typical FBI case? 

And I really enjoy Harvey, and Mike's adorable. 

People think Suits is like White Collar. Same network. Two guys are the main cast. So? 

Neal and Peter have a formal relationship. They get under each other's skin, they care about each other, but I'd still say they respect each other. Harvey and Mike are 100 90% informal, and their language is nothing like WC.


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