Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sparks and psychics. :D Castle.

Watched the second episode of Castle’s third season today. It was amazing! Especially since I watched it with a friend on the phone. :) It's officially the best way to watch an old episode.

Me: IlikethispartIlikethispartIlikethispart. (the whole time)
She: Shh! Cellotape.

Castle was very insistent on the possibility of supernatural powers. Even though I didn’t manage to believe that Vivian was actually a psychic, I wasn't(and am not) as evil as Beckett.

Castle: Mm. Lemme guess. You were one of those annoying six year olds who stopped believing in Santa Claus because you figured out he couldn't travel faster than the speed of light.

Beckett: I was three, and we didn't have a chimney. 

:\ Come on! I believe in magical stuff, how much ever theoretical I get sometimes.

"Vivian Marchand... is not a psychic. I bet my badge on it."

Esposito: Don't throw those dice until you get a look at this.

He shows them a letter.
Castle: It's from Vivian Marchand.

Esposito: Yeah, it arrived this morning. Postmarked Monday, the day she died.
Castle: That is her letter head.


"Hmm. To whom it may concern. I feel that my murder is imminent -

Castle: *squeaks*
Me: *hugshim*
The others:

"And although I have no idea yet where or when this event will occur, I have had a vision of my death. In the vision, I could not breathe. I saw a man dressed in black. The number 7518, and I could hear a furious pounding from what seemed to be far away. I'm sorry I cannot be more specific--"

"Pychic predicted her own murder!"

He is one seriyaana kutti.


"Or the killer wrote it in order to throw us off. Run it. Maybe we'll get lucky with the prints."

She walks out, and Castle follows, still all kjshkbjckdha.

"Do you think she really -"

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