Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whoa, White Collar! - 1/2

The episode was perfection, in my eyes. SO MANY awesome, awesome moments between ALL of the characters.

I can't complain! T'was WOW! My mouth dropped a lot. Mostly during that fight. But due to minor problems, I don't have a single screen cap of the episode. So here goes my squeeing without any pictures to help you tolerate it.

For one, thing, I would like to say that I watched this episode almost completely unspoiled. I did know that it was a Mozzie centered epi, but this was just &@^#*$&@&!!!!

So it starts with Mozzie, Neal and June togther in a room, with Moz selling some stuff of his own for their escape.
*sob* Mozzie.
A nuclear lantern that radiates Vitamin D is exposed. Hee! And a banana knife that Neal buys.
There's talk about Mozzie's headmaster from the group of Detroit, how his orphanage needs money. Had a feeling it's the orphanage Mozzie was in.
Then in the conference room in the bureau, well, no one's really interested, and either Peter always looks really good or it's my mind playing awesome tricks on me. 
Neal makes Peter's life complicated?
Neal: I would never. 
Me: Yeah, he just got you out of the prison he put you in and rescued you from dying in a plane explosion over the sea after getting a suspension, not to mention break into a bank with you, dance with french women, steal surveillance footage, recover your severed tie because he thought  knows you know where the Nazi treasure is, and shoot someone for you.
<3 Neal. :) :) He he.
Back to the sale, Neal informs Mozzie that he's in danger just when a guy named Frank De Luca Jr. walks in and rambles about not knowing the Dentist of Detroit but knowing he's for real and not a myth. Apparently, Neal doesn't know the big secret.

Me: I know who it is! *sticksouttongueatDeLuca*

Instead of sticking it back at me and stomping off, the broad guy tells "The Dentist" to meet him at a time or place, or he'd kill Jeffrey. The guy knew a lot.
Mozzie's the Dentist of Detroit? Aw.
Since Organized Crime was tracking De Luca's movement and Peter was tracking Neal, Peter finds out the spot where the big Running Sale is and shows up.
And I somehow get screenshots. \o/

Very bad screenshots. :( 

Peter: You in danger, Mozzie?
Moz: I live in danger, Suit.

Peter says he's not going to the meeting. Mozzie says that he'd like to see them try and stop him. *sneer*

Cut to closing the door of a black car with Mozzie inside. :D

Neal tells Peter who Mozzie is. <3 Peter repeats it like a kid. <3 <3
Man, Mozzie suffers in the room he's interrogated in until Peter and Neal enter. Man.

% I only find it hard to believe that Neal didn't know this. But I can be ignorant about it. %

Peter seems angry when the file on The Dentist shows that Mozzie's done....
Well. A lot.
"Neal's convinced me to hear you out. So I can decide whether or not to book you."

What happens later - I thought of doing a separate post on Mozzie later this week. So I'm kinda skipping this part. Anyway, I'll need the Adorable screen shots.

So afterwards, 

:| *distracted*


Neal says that he'll attend the meeting as his assistant. Mozzie says that it's not his fight. Neal says that Mozzie's his friend. *meltsatMozzie'slookrightafter*

Ugh! Why do these two HAVE to wear shades? *HORRIBLYdistracted*

*cries* I wouldn't be surprised if this post isn't out there until next year. *Can't.Concentrate*

Mm. The man doesn't believe Neal, so he begins to walk away, but in the end he's convinced, and we come to know that Mozzie's favorite ice cream flavor is Bubble Gum. 

________________________________PART ONE.


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