Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smiles make it better.

Cool. Yeah. 

I'm talking about this week's episode of White Collar.

Just got to watch it since my lappie's got the flu,

But hey. Realized my new addiction. 
Peter's smile. :) Odd. Normally it's Neal's smile that makes ppl go gah-gah, right? IDK.

But I like it when Neal smiles like DEES.

Aw! \o/ How can that not be adored?

It's funny. 
My friend - oh. I forgot.
The supposedly-other-person-who's-also-supposed-to-post-n-this-blog and I had a conversation the other day.
It was about Sara Ellis. And when I think about it in general, the conclusion was that Josh, the boyfriend of Kate Beckett in Castle was a million times better than her.

I mean, why should a person coming in the main credits of the show be hated so much by us? I honestly DK.
I tried this episode. And the results were utterly the opposite.
I hate to sound like this, but the only things I genuinely likey in this epi were the scenes with Peter Burke in them. But that could be just me. Because I swear, the only ones I was smiling in were the scenes where

1. he wears glasses. O-O :) Woo hoo!

2. he smiles at the robot.

3. he kinda worries about Diana.

4. the very end. The 'family' part and the 'Gotcha' part at Neal. At least I thought his face meant that. *gotcha* 

^^ Oh my, ^^

Peter obsession? Maybe.
So I'm sorry Neal-Sara shippers. I tried. 

But show? I'll keep coming on time for Peter and Neal. \o/ <3


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