Saturday, June 11, 2011

The happy part of the day

couldn’t be entirely captured by the mobile camera, since my phone’s battery needed to pass out as soon we got to the beach. :\
But! :)
We went to that Pancha Ratha's temple, on a sort-of elevation of rocks.  

It was fun walking up the stairs and running with high heels. The view of the ocean from that spot was nice. Me and that guy are standing on the same ground, so you can imagine how slanting the rock I was standing on was.

Lighthouse, as seen from there.

I didn't really go into the temple, since my Mom's legs were starting to hurt and the battery in my phone started yawning. Managed to get a few very-blurry shots.

(I was close to running when I took this. :|)
Yeah, that was all. But I managed to take this goat. *shrug*


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