Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peter and Kids.

White Collar. 

In Bad Judgement, when a mortgage fraud case seems dry but the man kept asking them to look into it, he brings his girl with him to the bureau.

Jones: *looks a little helpless himself*

"He brought his little girl."

Peter: Ah, jeez. He's playing the sympathy card.
Neal: Is it working?


Peter asks Neal to come with him. 
"What, you need me for this?"

"You're uncomfortable around the six-year old.
(How does he know she's six years old? IJS.)
"I don't speak that language." "I do?"
"Yeah you do, Peter Pan, come on."

Cut to the conference room. Peter Burke and Peter Pan enter. In the office, the kid is drawing something on a paper.

Peter: Mr. Sullivan. And this must be...
Mr. Sullivan: Allison.

Peter looks distressed. "That's a five-one-five form.

Not a coloring book." Hee!

Neal: I'm sure the bureau will get by without it. Encourage that artistic ability. :D

The kid shows Peter the drawing she made.

 "That's you." :) Maybe I could draw Peter Burke. In fact, that reminds me of this.

It's adorkable, isn't it? Drawn by Dyzzispell. Awesome.

In All In, Peter encounters a kid who starts crying because he wanted something back. Peter is horrified.

Just before Neal comes back from going undercover, Peter realizes one of the socks El gifted to him were missing.

I could have parceled TD a pair of socks for his birthday. Too late, huh? Maybe next year.

He notices the kid.

Peter: Did you steal my sock?  You're a little klepto, aren't you?  Yeah.  You
have no idea what I'm saying, do you?  Keep that up, you'll end up like Neal.  You don't
want that, trust me.  

The door opens.

"He's unreliable.  He never listens to you.  And he always gets himself in trouble.  I mean, it's not like I'm worried about him.  I just feel responsible.  Anything happens to him, I'll have a lot of paperwork to fill out. Paperwork's a hassle.  Neal's a hassle.  But then again, that was a neat card trick, huh?"

Neal: Nice to know I'm appreciated.
Peter: I knew you were there.
Neal: Yeah?
Peter: Yeah.

Neal: You also know she speaks perfectly good English?

Girl: You're weird. He he! (Runs away)
Peter: I want my sock back! You're a bad influence.


Girl: Close your eyes.

Peter: Why?
Neal: Would you just close them?
The girl:

Aw, she's cute. 

"Oh-ho! David Copperfield she ain't. Xie xie ni."

The most recently aired episode was fuuuuun!  Neal and Peter still have their poker faces on, though, which is a little better than Peter being like how he was in the season finale, but like anyone, I just wish Peter would buy him a drink and talk like a normal person.

But my question wasn’t close to being answered. Is Alex really irrelevant to all this? And new question: is Neal over Kate?
Who cares. The episode was full of wow.
Neal is called to authenticate a will. Apparently, after a rich guy died, and the two brothers who don't seem to get along that well want to find out who's Will was forged or something. One brother comes in late.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. Savannah's nap went a little longer than expected."
"I didn't take a nap." Aww!!! Kutti kids. Reminds me of Inima Visuna.
The brother:

He he. :)

He tells the kid, whose name is Savannah, to go upstairs and play, but she goes and hugs the other brother and then settles down next to Peter. :D

My hands get flappy. :D
Peter nods and smiles. "Hi."
I fly into space, yelling CUUUUUUTEEE!!!

But then I settle down after the two brothers ruin the effect by their arguing. 

Peter: Are they always like this?
Savannah nods. "Yeah." Peter nods like he understands.

Then Neal sits down and starts his professional stuff, and Savannah asks Peter who Neal is.

"His name is Neal." 

"He knows a lot of stuff." Aw! Flaunting your partner. Me likes!

"What's that thing on his leg?"
"That's a tracking anklet."

Hee! The kid shows Peter her anklet! Oh, WC writers. :)
Peter: Aw, cute. Where'd you get it?
Savannah: My grandpa, where'd he get his?
Me: *snicker*

Peter: Uh, it's part of a federal work release program where... uhhhh, I gave it to him.
:D Neal side glances at him.

"It's so I don't lose him."
"Oh. Are you his grandpa?"

"Weren't you supposed to go to your room?"
:D :D :D :D

On a kinda different topic, I like the scene where Savannah exclaims, "Daddy, Daddy!" and runs into her father arms. 

Peter stepped in behind the girl and Neal came from behind the Dad. <3 <3

Shoulder Holster!

And then I realize all my pictures were saved with random strings of characters, all starting with the letters CI. \o/ \o/


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