Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Words on the Season Premiere of White Collar

FINALLY. White Collar Season 3 premier.

Spoilers spoilers spoilers.

It was nice. :) We got to see NEAL, the con man, and PETER, the person who cared about him.
I read somewhere that the episode was heard to understand. NO. It was good. Well taken. Amazing. Well balanced. Sure, we all might not like the cunning guy we got today, but I still loved it.

Good parts:

During the lie detector test or whatever. 
"What color are your eyes?"

Good question for Mr. Neal Caffrey. "Blue."

And when they needed him to tell a lie,
"I've never told a lie."
Hee hee.

This may surprise people, but Mozzie being 'the culprit' was believable to me. It seems obvious when I think back about it. Though there are some things that don't add up that I'll explain later.

Neal smiling at Peter and Peter refusing to smile back. It was like Peter saying, you can con anyone but you CAN'T con me.


Then that whole small scene at the Burke's. 

Elizabeth shows him how many painters have painted the Chrysler building, and how that painted piece could have been from some where else.
"It was built in 1931." Shrug. "Could have been on the sub."
"Or maybe Neal painted it."
"Or maybe you've been chasing him for so long you don't know how to stop."
"Or maybe I know him better than anyone else."

My FAV part:

Peter didn't want the bureau to test the fragment because if it turns out to be Neal, he would go down. 
*jumpsupandstaysintheair* Fav, fav, fav.

Elizabeth: I could have it tested.
Peter: *smilesandIsmile* You have a lab in the basement I don't know about?

Neal. FENCING. *fansthescreen* Guh.

But, uh, at first he gets pissed off about - about this.

Hee! "That was my tie." A few snaps:

*whistles* Go Neal! 

:D Amazing.

Peter 'punishing' Neal by bringing him back to the bureau with that tie still on. ROFL.
And then Diana giving him tie nods. Apparently Neal has a lot of ties in his drawer.

Then Peter takes the tie out of the dustbin! *squee* Claims it as a souvenir. Aw, he likes Neal so much. #latenews.

El, as usual, was awesome. (duh)
Neal goes over to Elizabeth's to see what Peter's found out, and El doesn't do a very good job of hiding the book on the Chrysler buildings.

So Neal takes a shot of the cover when she's not looking.

And then back in the office, Peter looking so happy when Neal says they were on the same team. My heart feels better, kinda.

The car Moz uses to spy on Elizabeth.


When they realize Neal's painting didn't indeed burn, Mozzie says, "Flame is a fickle mistress."

"Bye Caffrey????" Maybe it's true that Neal's not his real name. *scared*
It was nice in a sad way. Reminds me of the season 1 finale. 
Neal sounded kinda sad when Peter called him with instructions.

When Jones gets caught by the bad guys, Neal gently pushes the gun away without losing his cover.

The guest star looks nice. *smiles*

He he, Mozzie just smashes the Blackberry. Makes me look over at mine.

How Neal decides to forget about running so that Jones wouldn't be killed. ('Aw' in a weird, weird way.)

Peter: Sorry, Amelia. (HA!) I loved Peter. But don't I always?

Scarf and tie totally matched. 

Hmm... I feel kinda bad for Peter in this. Hmm. :(

Then Neal says that the door's open anytime. Aw....

I also like Diana's new look. :)

The stuff I didn't like that much.

Alright, I admit it. I don't LOVE the Neal we saw today. But that never meant I loved the Neal with the mask, either. And I definitely wouldn't have liked it if he simply became a good guy. So that score must have tempted him, badly. But he's still the Neal who cares about the people he loves, and the person who has bad impulse control. Great characterization. Loved that.

First is first. Where's Alex in the picture? I thought she was connected in a large way to the treasure. So where is she?

And Mozzie using Neal's art. Not a good plan. Neal's linked to the word FBI, Peter, and he could have gone to jail.

Cindy, was, er, weird. But those are my own problems. And I don't know NY that well, or how security guards are.

Um. Guys? That's money, right? Why is it like that?

I guess money flying in all directions turns me off.

And 'uh-oh'. Are we going to see Mozzie arrested? :(

And when did Moz think that El would support Neal and Moz and not her husband? I mean, they could expect it if they weren't actually harboring the treasure.

But hey, it was an amazing episode, and the problems could easily be overlooked. 
So. Next week.


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