Saturday, May 28, 2011

My mind forgets the places my heart's been to. Stupid.

It’s amazing. I thought it was about time I take out my Brahma book and stick some old stuff, so I went to my drawer like it was no biggie, and took out the pouch I knew had all the letters and wrappers and MEMORIES of the most amazing four years of my life.
The first thing I saw was the hundred rupee note my chemistry teacher from 9th grade (CRS) gave me because I’d tied him a friendship band for Friendship day.

I’d written on it:
Not worth Rs 100!!!
Worth ½ my life!!

I really liked him, I guess. :D And on a completely different subject, the moment Akila heard, she ran and tied him a band, too. :D :D

Then there was a flower Bhamini had given in tenth, I'd tied a piece of paper around its stem and put in the pouch. Sigh.

All that's left of it. :')

It's so mind-destroying to see the years "'08" written on letters. Pavithra had given me a paper boat on my B'day. Uh. Two months before my B'day. :| 

It came out unexpectedly. Pavithra never gave gifts to me. On Friendship Day, she'd tied a small piece of pink ribbon she'd found lying around on my pinky finger. :) Kutti.

Then, in tenth grade, the six of us minus Kaushi had planned to go to Neyvelli to attend the Annual Book Fair that happens there, although it was just an excuse to enjoy ourselves in Akila's place. I remember the way we ran out of our classrooms the moment school ended the day we were supposed to leave. We had planned what movies to watch, the places we'd go to, everything.

But in the end, the principal told us we weren't allowed to go with one parent, all together, even if 
our parents let us. Way to go, MVM. 

I bought Kaushi a copy of that book for her birthday that year, I think. :) 

Oh. My.
She wouldn't think of writing something like this anymore. Think, dream, nothing. I'm so glad I held on to it.

Then there was something. I didn't know what it was, and as much as I try, I can't find out who gave it to me or what it was. 

From someone special.
if seen return to Minitha.


Kit Kat wrapper. I'd scrawled the name "Kaushika Piriyah" behind it. 

There were lots of notes and letters from Siva, too, like this one she'd given me the day after I showed her one of my poems. 

24 MAR 2008

Dear You,
      Oh yes Minitha, I know you aren't really completely me - truth is, You're too good to be just me. I don't think I could've even thought of something like that^ poem that you last gave me; not even one of its kind that was written with words chosen half-as-good-as those. To say it was awesome and put it off would be a lie; itwas simply more than that. You amaze me sweetheart.

"I loved Her
More than anyone ever can
She didn't sway
How could she....??
I'll never fall in love anymore
'coz I can't love a girl
The way I loved her",
he said as his flicked
As another "she" passed by.
Not that he spoke lies.
True, he loved her
And true, he loved her too,
It was more than mer attraction
Sort of admiration.
With confidence(shestrikedthisoff) conflict raging between
Pride and Age
He couldn't really realise(striked) decide (or is it realise...?!)
Whether 'twas right to fall again  - 
While he had sworn earlier (to find himself & more) That love died along with "her" (the first)
I saw him this evening
And saw him jot down something in a paper.
He gave it to me,
"See if might help you William Shakespeare,
or is it William Wordsworth, oh crap,
William who-ever..."
And jogged off.
Yea, maybe, I thought.
It read:
Time will heal it
As it flows by
And o' 'corz
We will fall in love,
Like never before, Like never again" (wink)
- Me

Crap right?? I wrote it during one English class. It isn't just you - looking into the eyes and forgetting what to say. Same here. It might look like I yak, yak, yak, no matter who I speak with, but actually, truly, with those whom I do love, my care lies somewhere between the lines of the silence of my unspoken words. So is it when when it comes to you.
Like I've said, "Friends Forever" - THAT'S A BIG LIE.
I do my thing. And you do yours. And if we stiff find each other at the end of the day, 
Life is Beautiful Sweety.... <3
Tk care. Keep Smilin'
Hv fun & Spread cheer...

"Put a lil' love in your <3, the world'll be a better place, for you and me."

Me cries. :') 

Then the pictures I used to get from Sowmya in 10th grade. :D :')

I put the second one as the wallpaper of my new phone. O:) <3  She'd also given me a drawing for New Year's Day, and the back of it had some PRETTY interesting resolutions she suggested I make. Censored version:

Oru exam mattum thaan fail aavaen.
(I will fail in only one subject)
Sowmya kaetta story-ai intha year ezhuthi tharuvaen.
(I will finish the story she asked me this year(oops?))

Ahem. That's only two. Sugar, anyone? :)

Then there was a recent pen nib I found. From a fight Anupama and I had. Yes, we fought about a pen. I think it was my pen. But always, the second I take the money out of my wallet and buy it, it literally becomes 'our' pen, so it's no use. :D 
*temptedtosaysomething. ButIthinkIllshutup*

*grinninglikestupid* On April 11, 2011, I'd gone to the hostel to meet a few friends for what might be the last time. Saw Akila, Anupama, Sujitha, and three other people. The hostel was a mess; stuff lying around everywhere. And I actually found this dictionary. Never EVER expected to find it.

The year is '08! It's Ms. I-keep-everything-carefully's!! We had a biotechnology project(another exciting, big story) and her team had got third place. Every member in her team got this dictionary. My team got second, and weirdly, they gave us some sort of Tamil literature book. :(


  1. Totally AWW-able stuff. And CRS gave you a 100 rupee note because you tied him a friendship band? :O

  2. Sowmya's resolution ideas.. AWWWWWW!! :D

  3. :D :D That's nothing... :D Athu seriyaana kaedi.