Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ashley! I always wanted to get to know his character. Turns out he's kinda sweet. And smart! He got all the colleges he applied for? Wow.

Laughed out loud towards the end of this scene. It was cliche, but I didn't mind even a bit. 

"Mr. Castle?" 


"Sorry to bug you at work, but Alexis established a no - calls, no - contact policy..."

"Yeah, she told me."

"... look, I made a big mistake. I thought if I chose Stanford, Alexis would think I was blowing her off. Instead she's mad at me because I chose her over where I wanna go to school.

"So now I'm going to Stanford, which is where I wanted to go in the first place, but -"

"- but if you call her and tell her that, she'll be even angrier at you for blowing her boundaries."

"Exactly, look, I think Alexis and I can really make the whole long-distance thing work, I really do!..." 

"Can you tell her that? Would you talk to her for me?"

Me: *cough. coughcough.*

Castle's half-mouth-drop expression. I bet he's thinking of the past, the same things I'm thinking. Like the first time Castle purposely broke in on Ashley and Alexis. 

"Oh, the gun. My bad." 

"Please. Ashley. Stay."

"You can check out the gun."


"Actually, I - I appreciate it. It must have been very hard to come down and talk to me, today, but... 
I just don't think it's very appropriate for me to -"

"Mr. Castle?"

My eyes become more observing.

"Have you ever been crazy about someone who's determined to push you away?"


"Hey Castle, I... oh. Sorry guys."


Why is Ashley staring at her, too? Oh. I'msorry. I'msosorry. :) *biteslip*


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