Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Love and Die in LA - Castle.

This week's episode was awesome! Lots of awesome scenes.

When Beckett left for L.A on her own to solve the murder of an old friend we've seen before, since Captain Montgomery said he wouldn't let her fly there due to close-ness issues, Beckett decides to go on her own during her holidays, not as a cop and stuff.

Everyone somehow knew Castle would be on the same flight.

This is the first time Castle drove a car on the show. Or so I think. 

Of course, Castle made sure Beckett would stay in his suite, and they started working and stuff.

Castle: (after some guy leaves) This is so weird.
Beckett: What?
Castle: I dressed up as him for Halloween. 


"I did too."

I love it when these two fist bump! *g* 


Beckett's reaction to seeing the two guys who were going to play Javier and Kevin was classic. 

"It was a huge break - through -"

"........................ I've got her address."


"That is just creepy." 

Dissolving bullets! :D

And again, I make the unnecessary comparision between Peter Burke and Kate Beckett. To my belief, unless Peter Burke had a warrant, he would never do anything illegal. He's worked behind the Bureau's back before for Neal, but Kate readily does the stuff that would be illegal even though she didn't have her badge.

That's her, picking a lock. Which is odd, 'cause she normally kicks the door down when the person inside doesn't respond. Guess civilians have more etiquette. *shrug*

And *sneer* after they see a bit of stuff, the LAPD somehow has to come running the same instant. I wasn't able to get a proper snap of the beautiful moment when Beckett was actually trying to escape from a cop. 

Very blurry. :(


"Will Captain Montgomery really fire you?"
"So we're going back to New York."
"Hell no."

"You know what I thought when I first met you?"

"That you were a mystery I was never going to solve."


And just before she goes into her room, Castle calls her, but she just turns around and says good night.


And hey! Afterwards, Beckett pokes him twice because he kinda made a mistake. 

But most of all, I LOVED it when Beckett jumped off the bridge onto the sand. I was on the phone 
when it happened, and the whole thing was crazy.

I know, I know, this is blurry too. But the moment was fantastic!

And in the end, she reads the letter she first found in his jacket, the last part she had left out before. Royce had written about her relation with Castle. Now I'm starting to wish he wasn't dead.

"Now here's the hard part, kid. I know you and Castle have something real. And you're fighting it. But trust me. Putting your job in front of your heart is a mistake. Risking our hearts is why we're alive.

The last thing you want in your life is to look back and wonder...  

... if only.



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