Sunday, May 15, 2011

I never imagined.

That I would enjoy the trip to the Gandhi Ashram this much.
Well. Maybe not enjoy. I found myself wanting to capture every inch of the wall displays. It was pretty cool. Or maybe it’s been too long since I went to a museum. I don’t know.
I took TOO many pictures to show. I had to grab my Dad’s phone, too, since the memory in the phone I used was close to zero.

This is the Ashram from the outside, in Ahmedabad. It's bigger than it looks. They've adopted a whole section of 'Q&A' sort of displays. The answers are mostly what MKG really gave. 

A board I found: 

If you don't know Gandhi, I suppose this sums up his general theory. He was the one who gave the meaning to the word 'Satyagraha'.

The original ashram. \o/ It's TOTALLY different now.

Since no was sitting on it, I guess that bench and those pillows weren't touched after Gandhi used them. 

Yeah! There was a model of the final part of the Salt Satyagraha! Nice! That's Gandhi bending down. They walked, like, 240 miles or something. 

He made sure none of his letters were interpreted as threats.

His spinning machine! :)

A caricature depicting the British Govt. And here are real documents MKG wrote. 

I took it for his handwriting. :D 

What these people had to say about him.

His wife, Kasturba Gandhi, and him. He was 13, married to her when she was 14, and he called her Ba. I accidentally read it as Blah. It's not an offence if you don't get it. ;)

Lots of more pictures. These are the best. 

His name in different languages. M. K. Gandhi. I think I like him because he conquered the hearts of the world without special effects or even lifting a finger. 


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