Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tim Dekay tweeted last night!

Through Jeff Eastin's account. And I tried SO hard not to grin, but check these out.

He said the day before that he would use the initials TD when he tweets, so there was a tiny bit of confusion (and, er, imagining) as to whether we were really going to see the producer of WC strike a dance move in the middle of a future epi.

T'was clarified.

*tries not to laugh* 
I mean, there are so many people who came online just to see him tweet, and Tim makes a spelling mistake! Siva would have banged her head on the table if she were me. I mean, if she liked Tim as much as me. 

So ppl did ask, of course. And...

He used a smiley, and he had to remove spaces to get it in! And *comes back up* he HAD to go and spell Hilarie's name wrong, didn't he? :D

Hmm. Wish I'd kept count. Need to Know? Power Play? 

A couple of people, including me, asked for a picture of him, and woo! 

Matty! :) :) And Hilarie looks good in green! She's growing on me *shrug*.

If you didn't know, fans of WC are called collars. :| I'm a mad, insane, wanty collar, then.
Over all? Still grinning when I think about how big my eyes were when I saw that first tweet. The guy's adorable. :) Hopefully, Tim will make his own account soon enough.

Note: After reading this, if you get the illusion that I wasn't freaking out, it is merely due to my inability to express myself clearer. I was, seriously, freaking out.    


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