Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scene from Hard Sell. :| Gnuh.

Wow. That was one hell of a scene. Matt's acting couldn't have been better, and if I hadn't known the ending already and whatthehell the ring actually was, I would have screamed at Tim to stop it and hug Neal.

To make things short, for people who have no idea about what's going on, I'll tell you in two lines.

The man who has Kate, the girl Neal escaped prison for but failed to get to, and the girl he was searching for the entire first season, is known as "The man with the ring".

Well... Peter seems to have the same ring, too. 

And an extra third line would be that Neal found out.


Right afterwards, Peter and Neal and a couple of others are shown in the Conference Room, discussing the case they're working on.

"Find anything?"

"Oh, hey. Avery's credible on paper. He runs a separate, legit brokerage with this man, Daniel Reed." Peter shows Neal a photo of him.

"I saw them arguing," Neal says, and flips the picture onto the desk. 

For that one word, I'd give this episode a hug.

Peter: Yeah, but they don't trust each other.

Neal: Sounds par for the course.

Peter: (Doesn't really get what he means and says a lot of stuff about the case both Neal and I aren't interested in, but there's this one thing I really want to congratulate Matt about. Not everyone can give ...

... an expression like that. It looks neutral, but it's not. You know it's not, but it somehow is, and it made my throat feel prickly when I first saw it (wow, that was a long time ago). Neal's been shown to want Kate back so much, and he's also been shown to like and trust Peter so much, but in the end the two of them clash? Which side is he going to go for? Is it really obvious it's Kate's side? I didn't think so, considering the way he talked to her on the phone in The Portrait).

Got carried away there. So for my favorite scene in the sea - ep - uh. I'll get back to you on that.

Neal: So let me wrap my head around this for a second, let's just say I'm Reed, you're Avery. 

"You're trying to screw me." 
He shrugs. "Why?"

Peter gives it less than a moment of thought. "Money."
"It's that simple."
No, Neal -
"Isn't it always?"
I sit with my hand on my head.

"So you manipulate your friends, and the people around you?"

"Yeah. All to get rid of you."

        "I never saw it coming."

............................................................... Geez. This scene needs a lot of gold stars. 

...gif from klavang :) :). Thanks! 


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