Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LOLA: Need to watch more.

At least I do. For Inima Visuna, so that I’d be able to understand the legal system of US more. I was surprised that it was possible to omit clear, straight-forward evidence. Yes, I’m that bad, if you already knew. :)  So I’ll be watching more legal, lawyer-y TV shows in May and June. I anyway won’t have any WC to watch.
Tim was awesome! Or at least I love him too much to notice anything but the awesomeness. =)

A snapshot to look at. He looked nice in casual green. Why doesn’t he wear anything to the bureau other than plain shirts?
Personally, the way he cried stung me badly. And the last words were words to almost live by. Classic dialog.

Dr.Octopus, on the other hand, did a five-star job of interrogating the bad guy. I watched that scene three times, and it was perfect – the suave way his voice penetrated into the guy's mind, making him talk as much as he did, the way he didn't slam his hands on the table, the way his voice slowly raised - lots more. Perfect.

And the way it was shot - sure, WC isn't serious enough to be shot like that, I know. But the lighting was pretty, and the office was nice. We don't get many (many) night-time scenes in the bureau.
It was nice to watch. 
I watched the most recent Castle episode five days late. Mouth watering, since they say the word 'pizza' about a million times. *lickslips*

Fresh basil and sausage pizza. *droolsbadlyIwantsometoo*

Spotted an article, where Tim Dekay gives us a few pointers on what to expect in the third season of WC. Two things I noticed: IS PETER BURKE GONNA DANCE? OMG. I can't even.

I’m elmo. \o/ 

It's a good week. :) 

Oh. And he guesses there are fans of WC in India, too? Oh come on. Fans? Pff. I don't see anyone. *looksaround*

He also said he's heard the reason some people think Neal smiled at the very end was because Kate was behind the camera. That's a good one, and I feel incredibly stupid that I hadn't thought of it before. I can almost hear Anupama saying, "That's because you are!" *shrugs*

The whole article is here. :) I'm off to jump up and down some more. 


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