Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Day. Castle involved.

And I mean it. BIG day.

Physics boards were not that good. :( :( But that's fine. :) Maybe Chem will make up for it.

So I got home, tried to read a chapter, and then got stuck with the latest episode of Castle. It was a two-parter, this time, an
d this was the second part.

My reaction to the episode:

Yep. That was me. Both of them put together x1000 with whipped cream on top.

It was incredible, touching, tense, funny, and it was an awesome way to remind me how adorable, charming, smart and lovable Richard Castle is, especially after I abandoned it, like two weeks before the first part (Sniff sniff. Will make it a point to watch those somehow).

It was just like Castle to do whatever he did this week. So damn believable.

And guys? Is it hugging week or something?


I don't know if you're going to believe it, but every time I watch this scene, I quickly dare myself not to grin. 

And I'm such a loser.
I love everything about it. Peter's hair, Neal's hair, Neal's shiny suit, the crinkles formed on Peter's cheek, EVERYTHING.


And a cool promo for the first part!

The first episode in short:

A case leads Castle and Beckett to a storage unit.

Castle: "How're we gonna get it open?"
Beckett: Well. If all else fails...


"Ark of the Covenant, Dr. Jones?"
I love Richard Castle. Period.

 Beckett shakes her head. She's grinning on the inside, I know it.

The door slides up.


... beep,beep,beep...

"... Castle!..."

"...GET OUT! Get out! GO!"

"... what? Why?"

A really cool promo:

Recaps coming soon!


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